2023 J. Moore Outdoor Photography Calendars

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This calendar contains images from Jordan Moore of J. Moore Outdoor Photography. Featuring Seven Different States, Four Different National Parks, & Three Different National Forests ... Starry skies, sunrises, sunsets, reflections, mountains, wildlife, wildflowers, waterfalls, fall color, oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds, and a lighthouse - this calendar has it all!

Grand Canyon National Park | Acadia National Park | Great Smoky Mountains National Park |  Ouachita National Forest and Beaver's Bend State Park | San Juan National Forest and Molas Lake | Colorado Bend, Texas near Colorado Bend State Park |  Rio Grande National Forest, Colorado | Grand Teton National Park |

Your purchase of this calendar goes to help fund future trips to capture the glory and grandeur of God's beautiful creation!

Printed on high-quality paper, the vibrancy of the images far exceeds past editions, and really causes the beautiful colors to pop. Additionally, the images are rendered much sharper and more crisp than they have ever been before. The paper is premium 80# paper, with a 100# cover. The calendar opens up to a beautiful 14"x18". These dimensions allow for an aspect ratio that is true to the original landscape style composition intended by the artistic vision of the photographer. Preview images on the back cover, traditional holidays, shrink-wrap plastic around each calendar for protection, as well as a sheet of cardboard internally for maintaining structure prior to opening are all included features.

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