2020 J. Moore Outdoor Photography Calendars

Printed on high-quality paper, the vibrancy of the images far exceeds past editions, and really causes the beautiful colors to pop. Additionally, the images are rendered much sharper and more crisp than they have ever been before. The paper is premium 80# paper, with a 100# cover. The calendar opens up to a beautiful 14"x18". These dimensions allow for an aspect ratio that is true to the original landscape style composition intended by the artistic vision of the photographer. Preview images on the back cover, traditional holidays, shrink-wrap plastic around each calendar for protection, as well as a sheet of cardboard internally for maintaining structure prior to opening are all included features.

Only preorders through November, and then the calendars will begin shipping the first week of December.


---------Scenic Texas Edition---------

The great State of Texas has it all. From the deserts and mountains of West Texas to the coastal prairies along the Gulf of Mexico, the landscape is diverse and unique.

This calendar features images representing Texas' mountains, rivers, wetlands, wildlife, weather events, and wildflowers.

The photographer was born and raised in the State of Texas, and as a current resident, has lots of opportunities for unique images to represent the scenic state well. See the images, here. 

Click here to see the monthly images in full-resolution. 


--------National Parks Edition--------

Known by many as "America's Greatest Idea," the 59 United States National Parks demonstrate the beauty of this great nation. People from all over the world come to visit our National Parks, and one could spend a lifetime exploring every nook and cranny of these lands that belong to the People.

Represented in this calendar are 10 different National Parks: Canyonlands, Glacier, Grand Canyon, Grand Teton, Great Smoky Mountains, Guadalupe Mountains, Mount Rainier, Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone, and Zion. Two additional National Lands are represented: Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and Maroon-Snowmass Wilderness.

Click here to see the monthly images in full-resolution. 


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